Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mediocracy in Leadership and Society and Education!!!

Man’s biggest problems: war, hunger, poverty and the exploitation of genius under “mediocracies”. That is the problem with our society. When and how do we create change It would be as a domino effect.
First we must get mediocracy out of government and out of our schools. Children with extraordinary talent are often overlooked and punished for not "following the line"
I watched as my own child. Gifted beyond my wildest dreams, dry up. His little spirit crushed and broken a little each day.
We tried to move to schools in SC that talked about progress and how they worked with gifted and talented children. Nothing could had been further from the truth. To this day, he scores highest in the country on the National tests, but local schools don't agree. They want him to "follow that line" a line he could never possibly follow and I thank God for that. He is a talented musician, self taught, a film maker, and artist, a scientist and a so technologically advanced, he is way beyond his years. He has won many awards, but not by schools. The Governors Awards, Museums, Science and so on.
I'm not just bragging about my child, because i think he is perfect, I mean there are days he drives me crazy. He is his own strong willed spirit and I really actually admire him for that. It's a damn shame though for him and millions of children and adults who never got to fulfill their destiny due to some Mediocre jerk in charge of the education of the children. some mean spirit person who wanted to prove they are the boss instead of doing their job of nurturing children. I think it's time those bastards got the booth and get the hell out of holding back all children's potentials. There are children that are Athletic, or mechanical or whatever they are and they love doing it, but school, in the USA takes that away from a child and forces them to learn things that bore them, anger them and holds them back from their destiny. I know this has to change.
Let's all stop accepting mediocre for the norm and expect the best. Nothing less.
Well, I'm going back to watching Jeff Beck.
By the way, I believe in Save the Music. It's valuable in mathematics, art, appreciation of life and a great way to relieve stress! Thank God for music.

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