Thursday, March 4, 2010

A reply to Health Care

This is a letter I got today from our great BS leaders voice

Democrats and Republicans agree -- the health care status quo isn't working for the American people.

Health insurance is growing more and more expensive by the day. Too many of us can't afford it -- not middle class families, not businesses, not the Federal Government. Insurance companies have too much control over health care decisions that should be left between a patient and their doctor. They freely ration care based on who's sick and who's healthy; who can pay and who can't.

On both sides of the aisle, we all agree that if we do nothing, the problem will just get worse. Now, after a long and wrenching debate, it's time to make a decision. Yesterday, President Obama called on the United States Congress to cast a final up or down vote on health insurance reform in the coming weeks and pledged to fight for it every day until that happens.

Watch what the President said yesterday and learn more about what's at stake

Below is my reply to those bastards:


I don't want to watch anymore videos or here anymore bullshit.
none of you is doing anything good. people are loosing there homes, their jobs and there sense of security.
people don't have money to eat, crime is rising and life is so stressful
that is why everyone is so sick they need "health care"
if all of you in Washington had a brain in your head, you would take the
taxpayers money and use it properly. That means, not raising it, but using it correctly! you're all so good about
telling we the citizens of this country what we are doing wrong.
the only thing we are doing wrong is listening to all your bullshit!
it seems you all have no intentions of doing the right thing.
this country is going to hell and it looks like we are headed for
a socialist regime. Well i'm a Republicain, i'm a Democrat, I'm an American, but i am not a socialist. if you can't fix the problem, you should never had taken the job, no of you deserves the hard working Americans
that you chew up and spit out everyday of the week. the hell with you all.
I am an American.

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