Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Marijuana Legal in South Carolina

I don't know about you, but I don't think hitching the price of cigerettes up again is going to do a damn thing for the economics of South Carolina. This is my Idea. Make Marijuana legal in South Carolina. Lets face it people smoke it and it would eliminate all those seedy drug deals. You could go to a Health food store, a Pharmacy or to your Doctor to get a prescription. There are 14 States that have Marijuana Legal. They are;
Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington! How about that. Plus 2 other states are favorable toward making medical Marijuana legal. Can you guess those states? Arizona and Maryland.
This wonderful drug and herb has thousands of uses and is a perfect treatment for cancer patients, MS patients, people with crones disease, IBS, chronic pain, Bi-Polar disorder, Migraines, Sleep problems and thousands of more illnesses.
So why is Marijuana under prohibition? Because drug companies can't get a patent on something GOD has made. (if you don't believe in God, tough, He made it)
Do you realize the revenue the great State of South Carolina could bring in? Well, California brought in over 1 billion dollars last year, that is now the number one agricultural products, Grapes have become their number 2 product. How about that?
It would create thousands of legal jobs, everything from from Farmers, truck drivers, Dispensary Machines and people to fill them Quality Control jobs and make it safe. No more seedy, drug dealers for a plant on top of that, I would make it legal to grow in your yard or even buy from your grocery store. I realize that some people are stoners, they probably drink alcohol to and get drunk, but Pot is non-addictive, does not lead to harder drugs and will help thousands, millions of people. The surrounding states will come here to spend their money! I shit you not. This would solve our deficit in South Carolina, lower our staggering taxes and people would not have to work for peanuts anymore. Everyone would live better, the economy would bloom like wild fire and crime would go down.
Now I'm not just into see this Marijuana legalized, I also believe South Carolina needs to make an EV (Electric Vehicle) automobile. The best in the world. We are Americans and we can do anything, if we put our heads together. We would not be depending on foreign oil and the roads would not smell, they would in fact be quieter and we could actually here the sound of a breeze in the air again. Our State would be Green on many levels. Just think of the possibilities? We can make this happen. If you agree with me, please, Help me get endorsed to an office level in Congress, Legislative or even Governor. I will do everything to make sure that with that money we will have the greatest schools in the USA for everyone. I don't want to see one child or adult who is not learning something in school that they love. Whether it is playing a guitar, Making a movie or having a radio station in their school, sports galore and the finest teachers money can buy. Because ladies and gentlemen, there will be money and I want SC to become #1 in education. That means not only school, but also trade schools, during the school day. Some children learning auto mechanics, TV production, food service, computer technology and having an after school program where children have a place to unwind, a good meal waiting for them, time to do their homework and be in a safe environment. I don't believe in sending children home to an empty apartment. There are to many problems on our streets. I want children safe and to learn to have a trade by the time they graduate High School. Even in Nursing and cosmetology and construction. Who is with me on this? Who will join me in helping make this state, strong, safe, educated and giving back pride to all communities. But more important, money, a nice home to live in, a safe neighborhood and a work week that doesn't need to be longer then 35 to 40 hours a week, because we won't be feeding a sick system anymore. We will give the children and any adults who want to learn an education, so we can all be more productive and happy at our jobs. You can't be happy if you don't sleep, or if you have no spouse, or if you and your spouse are fighting over money.
Please take this time to consider what I'm saying. I care greatly for humanity, the environment and the happiness of children and families. This is all very possible, but first, we have to kick out the old who are bought off by big drug companies and whoever else their daddy is.
If you are with me. Comment or email me at:
I will need a campaign manager, and people to endorse me. I will do what I say.
Also, the taxes your paying now, well we are going to take them out of the hands of the thieves who give nothing back to our society. I don't want a bunch of burglars working this state. I want people who say what they mean and mean what they say. By the way, You won't find me in Argentina, or in a stall of a bathroom playing footies.
You will find me finding a way to make this dream a reality.
I realize many people think of Marijuana as a street drug. I want you to start to understand, it may be that do to the" just say no" thing of the 80's and the hippies of the 60's and 70's and do realize people will smoke it, just like people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, but stop being selective. Marijuana is a Billion Dollar Baby for the Great State of South Carolina.
Here is a little information on the other states that have legalized it. Now we will make our President stop it from being a Federal Offense. One step at a time. God bless you all and here is that web address. I smell money! Let's not be the last ones on board.


  1. Hey, Deb. I really hope that people are listening over there. It's really about time that each person opened their eyes and minds to realize that they can change what they don't like and create their dreams. Good luck ... from the Holy Land :)

  2. I hear ya Deb, we are on board with ya.

  3. It's past time for SC to legalize. I totally agree. I'm not sure why it hasn't been happening for us yet or why none of the bills about it make it to the ballot?

  4. Hi Debra, i totally Agree with you. about Legalizing Marijuana in this State of South Carolina. was Diagonzed with Brain Tumor, and Bi-polar Disorder and Endoremitiois and i use the marijuana to relief the pain. but doctors threw me out of the Pain Mangament because i smoke Marijuana and cannot get Pain Controlled Subtances Narcotics, Debra i will Totally Support you. Need it Legalized ASAP.

  5. Please leageliz.e, its just a herb . We need to stop arresting our youth an revoking there college scholarships over a joint. Please help our youth an sickly by leagelization. Go debra


  7. God bless you and your journey to DC.
    - Tom Laurens, SC

  8. I absolutely agree. I have cluster migrains-medication DOES NOT help, it makes me feel messed up and I cannot function. I am bi-polar, my husband called me wobbles when I was taking my meds. Because of bi-polar I can't sleep, so they give my a script for sleeping-Migraine the next day. The only thing that works is marijuana. I smoke at night before I go to bed. No headaches, I sleep great, I get at least 8 hrs. I am able to deal with life...For 10 yrs I have smoked, and I have had no manic episodes. But yet I am a certified welder, and can't get a job because I smoke, so.... put me on medication, get a job, and hurt someone or myself for being messed up on Dr. medication. Does anyone else find this strange, or is it just me? Damned if I do, Damned if I don't